Hunting ww2 ww1 relics with your metaldetector (metaldetecting)

I get this question a lot about searching for relics from ww2.

What machine do you use, and can you recommend a program for my machine?

I am going to be fairly rude and not all of you will share my oppinion.

But the machine is not the biggest issue you will stumble across! Ofcourse there are machines made for relic hunting and can go somewhat deeper as another. The main issue will probably be your mindset if you have never really hunted war relics and have stuck to searching for coins etc.

For those big dumpholes and items that are burries deep you will have a good chance with a deepscanner or OGF machine. Your “plain” detector will miss out on a lot of those.

But if you do decide to head out using the good old sweeper, be sure you are set for maximum depth. My sensitivity is always at full blast! That equals more depth.

My settings are the most simple settings ever, and any machine can do this. No expert level Deus or ctx3030 needed.

Better yet, leave those at home for this job!

What you really want is scanning on all metal. Why? Because a lot of cool relics are made out of iron and not out of more precious metals like aluminum of copper. Discriminating will make you miss out on a lot and will make you lose depth!

So do you need an expert machine for this? Not so much actually. I am a big fan of using a simple and cheaper machine for this type of relic hunting. For the simple reason that you will spend a lot of time in forrest areas that are full of trees and plants and branches everywhere. Wich you will hit at some point! And i really do not want to mess up my way expensive machine by hitting a rock i did not see. Especially when the cheaper machine does the trick just as well.

I am not trying to discourage users of expensive machines or tell anyone that theire machines are rubbish. Just that this is a different game then doing farm fields to find coins.

People who know me and have searched with me can very much say that i found the same or more then they did with a more expensive or advanced machine. Does that mean i am better? Probably not, it just shows that risking your top dollar machine is not worth it.

So do i just randomly dig everything?

I do dig a lot! But still not everything. This also means i have definatly missed some cool relics. I dig when i feel like it could be worth digging. But… when the area is new to me, i dig, dig, dig. Just to see if there is any war relics around. So a simple iron bulletcasing is a good hint that i am going in the right direction.

Dont expect to be finding medals and helmets by the bunch every time. Being a war relic hunter is hard work! Physically and mentally! Not only do you need to walk on rounds that are not flat and straight, you need to be determined and not easily dissapointed if you do not find something great within a couple of minutes. And do some research on areas. And be prepared to dig deep! This is nothing like digging small objects on 30cm maximum.

Furthermore, be prepared to encounter items you do not really want to find!  Battlefields contain ammo. And not all of that has been fired and is potentially dangerous. The same goes for your local farm fields ofcourse, it can be everywhere!  And in case of encountering a m.i.a. (missing in action) make sure you do the right thing! Every man, woman or child has the right to a proper funeral,  no matter what side they fought for. Is there a big chance of encountering one? NO. But there are still lots of m.i.a. out there.

Live ammo should not be messed with and disposed of by the proper authorities. 

And if you do not know what the item you discovered is, then do not mess with it. Not all explosives look like a missile or bullet.

Be safe out there and do not diliberatly go looking for trouble.

More on war digging in my next blog.
Untill then…. have fun!


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