So, MetalDetecting…. Being a Detectorist….

That takes me way back to my childhood when i had the ambition to become an archaeologist. Childhood dreams huh….


I have “started” metaldetecting when i was about 8 years old. The first metaldetector i got as a christmas present was a simple model, but it did wat it had to do after a whole bunch of figuring out how that thing worked.

Found my first coin in our own backyard.

But the hobby picked up when i reached the age of 15. And lasted for a year or 6.

After that other things in your life take over most of your time.  Still managed to do some very good finds. Unfortunatly i have not got any pictures anymore so i will not spend to much time on this subject.

MetalDetecting present time.

I have picked up the hobby about 2 years ago.

Detector of choice Teknetics T2. But soon switched to the Teknetics Eurotek. For the simple reasons that it is lighter, just as accurate and just as fast in recovery, and it is actually turn on and go. Spending too much time on all kinds of settings is not a bad thing. It just takes away a lot of the fun for me.  But that is ofcourse up to the user to see what he or she would prefer.

You must find all kinds of valuables and jewelry!

Did you find any gold yet?

Recognise that?

Probably two of the most common things i hear all the time. For some reason people tend to think a metal detector is a gold magnet or something…. if only so….

To me metaldetecting is 90% fun and 10% finds. Ofcourse finding something great gives a huge rush. But if you would find things by the bunch, i think you would loose interest very soon. Unless it is of high value maybe.

So, what is it that i am looking to find?

What i am looking to find, is actually anything that lays under my disc. Simple as that. I mostly do some research before heading out to an area, but even on an old roman battlefield you will most likely find some modern coins. 

The area where i live has a rich history from roman, to merovingian, to the 80 year lasting war, to ww1 and ww2 and medieval. So plenty of findings to be done.

Mostly it all depends on my mood to wich area i go. That is the advantage of having a choice, but then again….. a roman coin can also be found on grounds were no roman activity took place. That all depends on people moving soil from one city to another, or if you are walking on an old landfill.

Treasures are everywhere!

Still the best treasurable thing is having a good time! Being outside, enjoying the weather or nature, having a ball with friends, or clear your mind by being alone. Whatever works best for you!

I do a bit of both, depending on my mood. As part of a group (team) of friends who go detecting together, we visit lots of locations in several country’s. All in the hope to find some great pieces of history! We mainly visit WW2 locations together to try to recover pieces of a darker past of history. 70 years after the war there is still a lot to be discovered and a lot to be learned.

I still have tons of stories about great finds and great locations to tell, so be sure to keep an eye out for the next part of my story about this great hobby!

Feel free to comment, share and follow.


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